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We are now two weeks into the New Year and I totally missed wishing everyone a happy one. A bunch of us spent the New Year in the Pocono’s to celebrate my brothers belated birthday (from last year – it was a big one). Good times had for all. 

2019 nye

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Christmas Traditions

Every family has their own traditions for the holidays. As a family we have a gingerbread house decorating contest, hayride with hot chocolate, decorate ornaments, take family pictures in front of the tree (for cards of course) and we’re constantly adding as the kids get older they change a little.

Last night we did the gingerbread house decorating competition and decorated ornaments.

I ❤️ these fun evenings. It relieves some of the stress that can sometimes be felt this time of year. Here are the houses, the ugly Christmas sweater sugar cookie I decorated and the ornaments.

What do you do with your family during the holidays to keep them festive and less stressful? Share in the comments.

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Christmas Decorating

Hi! I’m Laney and I ❤️ Christmas! The decorations, the music, the activities with my family. There is nothing better in my mind.

So how early do you start decorating for Christmas? Do you wait until after Thanksgiving or do you start beforehand because you decorate every room in the house, front and backyards?

As kids, we didn’t really celebrate Thanksgiving. We ate dinner at our dad’s restaurant together and we would decorate on Black Friday before we knew what Black Friday was.

Now that we’re older and a lot has changed, we have a large Thanksgiving dinner with together. We have some family visit from Boston. We do dinner, plan our shopping and head out about 8pm Thanksgiving night. Typically we’re out all night, come home to regroup about 3am, grab a bite to eat and either hit a new set of stores or make a plan for later in the morning.

After all the shopping is done we hit our respective homes to decorate.

This year, before Thanksgiving, my sister made a couple of wreaths and sent me a text with them. Got me thinking “why have I never done this before?”. I have an entire room in my house set up for crafts and sewing yet I’ve never made my own wreath.

I promptly hit the store to buy what I needed to make wreaths for the inside of my doors since I already have them for outside. I also bought a ‘believe’ sign from A.C. Moore that I wanted to paint. My daughter and I put up the tree, the garland, and all the other decorations. Then I got to making the wreaths and realized I have two hurricanes in the living room that I normally tie ribbon around with an ornament hanging. 😀

This year I decided to change the ribbon on the hurricanes because what I normally used covered me in gold glitter. It was everywhere!! I measured the ribbon, sewed snaps on the back so next year all I need to do is snap it back on – so easy!!

Check out my finished projects…

❤️ them all, especially the red bow on the wreath.

Share your projects in the comments. I’d love 💕 to see your creations.

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Searching for a Reason

It’s now a full six (6) months since I was let go from a job I liked.

Let me back up a bit…in 2015 I was let go for a job I loved (long story) and spent 9 months out of work, finally landed a position with a company through a friend. We worked together at the company I was let go from, became friends and when I needed help she was there. February 2018 the company and I parted ways. I knew the position wasn’t for me but I kept it because I have a family to support.

I found something else right away, loved it. It was a creative space but still used my customer service/account management skills. I was there 30 days and I was fired. Why you ask. Well turns out they didn’t want to take the time to train me. I later found out that the person that quit and left the position open for me to take wanted it back – she hated her new job. That left me out in the cold again for the second time in three years.

I am about sick of the universe kicking my ass! It’s been going on for a solid three years. It’s about time for it to stop.

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 With the 4th of July having just passed and all the talk about heroes, I wanted to talk about heroes too. Growing up, a hero to me was someone that you looked up to that did something extraordinary, invented something necessary or paved the way for others. To me, police, firefighters and the military were all heroes but in a different sense. They were there to help us, save us or keep us safe, they were all on a different (higher) level, at least to me.


The word hero is tossed around now to describe athletes, movie stars, or entertainers of any kinds including bands. To me, they are not heroes, they are lucky people that made it big and a ton of money by performing. They may all really love what they do but they are in no way heroes just because of their profession.

A hero is defined as below by Wikipedia.

hero (masculine) or heroine (feminine) is a real person or a main character of a literary work who, in the face of danger, combats adversity through feats of ingenuitybravery or strength; the original hero type of classical epics did such things for the sake of glory and honor. On the hand are Medieval and modern heroes, who perform great deeds for the common good instead of the classical goal of pride and fame.

Growing up my heroes were the three listed below not the popular athlete of the time. They each did something extraordinary and what I imagine they were told could not be done.

  • George Washington – lead a new country to find its identity
  • Abraham Lincoln – the 16th President, freed the slaves
  • Amelia Earhart – first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic
  • Clara Barton – a nurse in the American Civil war who started the American Red Cross

These are the type of people we need to put forth as heroes to our children. Even Orpah Winfrey who came from nothing, worked, learned and built an empire showing all little girls out there that you can do whatever you want. Even in this, still to this day, “mans world”.

Let’s promote the right kind of heroes.